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Empowering Japanese Students

Japanese students struggle adjusting to American life. We rise against that struggle. 

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J-To-A is a 501(c)(3) volunteer organization formed by high schoolers and college students. We aim to assist the transition of Japanese students moving to the United States and have tackled our goal by offering free, personalized English lessons, as well as free mental health counseling. Our team of tutors and counselors works alongside our communications, management, and outreach team to support the Japanese community to the best of our ability. 

Bridge Between  Japan and America

J-To-A's Counseling Initiative

We have recently launched phase 1 of our curriculum initiative, offering free mental health counseling to Japanese families abroad. We hope to aid in the destigmatization of mental health counseling in Japan that seems to transfer over when families immigrate to other countries. 

Abstract Background

J-To-A's Free English Lessons

Our curriculum team is working hard to design a new English curriculum for English learners all around the world. We'll update this website when we've made some progress - until then, sign up to receive tutoring in the following sections!!


Math, Science, History and English homework help.

General English

Reading ,Writing, Listening, Speaking.

EIKEN Preparation

From Level 5-1, taught by past test takers.


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6000 Hours Taught

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72+ Students

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82 in Counseling

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$134,000+ Raised

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5 Countries

Always Striving To Do More...

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