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It started with one student.

Our founder, Fuga Takahashi, did not set out to create a 501c3 non-profit. Instead, his journey started when he tutored a student for free. Realizing the struggles that Japanese students face in American life, Fuga sought after other volunteers willing to help the cause, creating J-To-A.

Mount Fuji in the Fall
Sunrise Mount Fuji


10 Students,
10 Volunteers,
100 Hours Taught

J-To-A Files for Articles of Incorporation

Girl with Laptop

Japanese students moving to the United States face a language barrier, struggling in school and everyday life.

J-To-A strives for these students to be able to adjust to American life.

We Aim for
Japanese Students to

Be Able To Learn At School

Converse Freely

Make Friends 

Be Accustomed To American Life

Child Using Laptop

How We Give Back

We provide one-on-one, free English tutoring from high school volunteers. We hope that our lessons would lead to a higher quality of life for Japanese students living in the United States. 

Foggy Lake


”Thank you for providing an easy-to-understand and fun class every time"

-J-To-A student

J-To-A Approved To Be a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit 


Our Team

Our members felt that Japanese children living in the United States were struggling with English, so we established "J-To-A" with a strong desire to support such children.

Board Members

Fuga Takahashi President Hello! My name is Fuga and I am the founder of J-To-A. Other than teaching, I work on managing this organization. I am extremely passionate about helping others in my Japanese community. 9 years ago, I moved to the United States from Japan, and have lived here since.

Sai Chappidi Secretary Hi! I am the Secretary and head of outreach here at J-To-A. I mountain bike in my free time with my family. Although I have a busy schedule, I can always make time for anyone.

Shalin Patel Treasurer Hello! My name is Shalin and I am the Treasurer at J-To-A. I have experience as a treasurer and a tutor. In my free time, I like to read books and learn new things.

Dedicated (2 years +) Volunteers 

Akhil Madala

Alyna Dohadwal


Ananya Sirisinahal

Annika Shah

Anuska Karthik

Aki Hotta

Biana Garcia

Brady Van Bibber

Brian Xia

Chethas Pyla

Faris Abusaleh

Fumi A

Grace Tie

Hanna Abiye

Hannah Fan

Jiwon Jin

Kaelyn Price

Manasvi K

Milan Chopra

Mina Chung

Nikhil Cherukupally

Nolan Middleton

Oli Wood

Patrick Reagon

Prajuval Prakash


Samiya Salman

Sarayu Vemula

Sathvik Allipuram

Smarika Maharjan

Soofia Khan

Tyler Dietz

Vaishali Ramakrishnan

Vivian George

Yuna Chung

Our Future

J-To-A is exploring other initiatives to support the Japanese community. We hope to continue to support students' mental health support and host a  J-To-A high school course and college education event.

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