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Mount Fuji

J-To-A's Counseling Initiative


We have begun our counseling initiative! We are offering free mental health counseling to many Japanese adults with trained Japanese professionals. They are able to have online sessions in complete Japanese without having to worry about the language barrier.

The Problem

Millions of Japanese people have depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses.

This can lead to disconnected relationships, loss of interest, and suicide.

There are many walls blocking Japanese adults from seeking mental health counseling. The stigma surrounding counseling and the cost of sessions deter Japanese adults from seeking counseling.

In addition to these problems, in the United States, finding a counselor that can speak fluent Japanese is incredibly rare, creating another wall in seeking mental health counseling.

What we offer

  • Free online counseling from professionals

  • Counseling Sessions in complete Japanese

  • Easy access to counseling with no stigma

  • Improved relationships and moods

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